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Grab Bar Installation

With many different bathtub, shower grab bar configurations available, I am going to mainly talk about the method of attachment here rather than configuration or even placement.

Grab bars have become more mainstream in recent years and are not just for disabled or elderly people as once was. The safety benefits will help anybody regardless of age or physical condition Read more…

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Plaster Wall Repair

Plaster wall repair can have two different methods, one being the actual use of plastering material for authentic restoration and the other for a purely functional repair involving placing sheet rock in place of the damaged plaster for the repair.

The problem with old plaster is, once it gets to cracked it can begin to crumble with the slightest disturbance in attempts to repair it. Both methods can have satisfactory results, but the one involving drywall will be easier for most people. Read more…

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Drywall Crack Repair

Drywall at some time or another cracks or gets damaged, most of the time the basics are the same whether it be a crack or a hole in the wall. Drywall crack repair involves just the most simple of materials and tools.

If the repair is just a crack, it may be because the wall or ceiling has a little movement which is more common on raised foundation floors, especially in older homes. If this is the situation you may need to shore up underneath.  Drywall does not usually crack if the foundation and framing are sound, but may separate at a joint because of  a poor tape joint. Read more…

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Bathroom Repair

Bathrooms, the most important room in the house, well the kitchen is a close second. As I mentioned in the previous pages, water is our home’s biggest enemy and of course water is the bathroom’s main purpose.  Most bathroom repairs are, yes, driven by water damage.  Our goal here is to minimize that potential damage by preventative maintenance.

There are three areas to focus on in the bathroom: Read more…

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