Silver, The Cheaper Hedge In Tough Economic Times

Silver Vs. Gold, The Dilemma

As I ponder the state of the economy and think about on how to best prepare for the worse and where to put the few assets that I have, I realize that gold, however much it is being pushed these days, is out of reach for the average person both in terms of cost and practicality of use in the long run. Not that I would not want gold.

All those guys on the TV and radio pushing gold think we all have a bunch of money sitting around, and some of you may have.

Silver makes it easier to acquire precious metals.

You see, I want to to be able to function and survive a seemingly inevitable collapse of the dollar and it’s standing as the world’s monetary standard, which if happens, could really drive up prices of basics items from bread, goods, to energy, and create an economic hardship on those not prepared. With possible worthless dollars, silver will be a very needed item.

Silver, A More Practical Choice

Silver, because of its’ lesser value, may very well be a more tangible practical asset to have both in terms of acquiring it, and in the use of it, if need be. For the average person, acquiring silver can be done in incrementally with smaller portions over a period of time to build a personal hedge in a possible tougher future economic climate.

Great Business For Now And Later, Silver Snowball

With many online business opportunities out there, why not be in one that deals in real assets such as .9993 US certified silver coins, which has immediate short term profitability and long term security.

Silver is more scarce than gold (5 to 1) yet only a fraction of the price of gold, mainly because it is used in many manufacturing applications in electronics and other industries more than gold, it is being consumed more, which contributes to it’s scarcity.

Silver is a very limited commodity. Gold is 5 times more plentiful than silver. You would think silver would be worth MORE than gold. With that in mind, it does make for a great opportunity.

Earn Free Silver Coins

For about 50 bucks a month you can get One Golden State Mint 1/2 Oz .999 Morgan
Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Round which has the highest purity standards, but the best part is, when you enroll 2 more people into the program, you get free,  One Golden State Mint 1/2 Oz .999 Morgan BU coin, yep! For every 2 people you enroll, you get 1 free coin.

The math works out like this;

For those you enroll on your site buying 4 coins a month then it’s $17.16 per coin.

6 coins a month would work out to about $12.88 per coin. 8 works out to $10.30 per coin. 10, $8.58 per coin etc. The more you enroll, the more coins you get and the less each coin costs, now that’s one heck of a way to accumulate silver.

Your monthly fee includes:

  • 1/2 Oz .999 Golden State Mint Morgan BU Silver Round
  • Silver Snowball Website
  • Training Tools and Advise on Silver Investing

Silver Snowball, Earn 1 for every 2

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate opportunity.  While the program is a silver emphasis, you can also get gold and/or cash too.

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