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Matching Drywall To Plaster for a Smooth Transition

With most homes prior to the 1950’s mostly made with walls of lath and plaster, the inevitability of wall repair is pretty much unavoidable, from just repairing cracks to out  & out removal of large areas of plaster & lath.

Without going the purest route of repair with actual plaster, which involves multiple coats and drying time, we can use drywall to fill any holes or even large areas without removing more plaster than is necessary, as long as the remaining plaster is still stable and secure.

If you have removed all the plaster from a wall, corner to corner, top to bottom, and want to hang drywall, which may be the best option, then you need not read any further, just clean the studs and hang the drywall, but if your are matching portions of walls, then proceed. Read more…

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Plaster Wall Repair

Plaster wall repair can have two different methods, one being the actual use of plastering material for authentic restoration and the other for a purely functional repair involving placing sheet rock in place of the damaged plaster for the repair.

The problem with old plaster is, once it gets to cracked it can begin to crumble with the slightest disturbance in attempts to repair it. Both methods can have satisfactory results, but the one involving drywall will be easier for most people. Read more…

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