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Dewalt Random Orbital Sanders DW421 and D26451K

It has been 15 years since I bought my Dewalt DW421 sander, and yes it is still going, remodeling and woodworking is my profession, so this is not week end warrior stuff on this great little machine, it is steady use when needed, and has done a great job for me, although I must admit it could die at anytime, and yet it keeps on going.

Take a look;

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This model 421 is a 8 hole hook and loop 2 amp sander that may be living on borrowed time, that’s a good thing for me, but the point being, it has done well for me and for the money has served me well.  Evidently this mini marvel is still out there, the only thing different is the dust catcher, which on this model used to be a molded (porous) plastic. However this model, my ole faithful, has been discontinued by Dewalt.

Now for the newer big brother

Why have a 2 amp machine when you can have a 3 amp newer machine for pretty much the same price. I picked up my friends 3 amp D26451 and was amazed by what I was missing, I figured same tool, but no, what a difference, more aggressive, more power with the same feel and weight as the older 421. I am now convinced I need the newer one.

Whether you need 60 grit for fast aggressive grinding, or 150 grit for finishing, these sanders along with the other great Dewalt tools, in my opinion and experience have the best quality for the money. My Dewalt circular saw and reciprocating saw were purchased about the same time (96′-97′) as the DW421 sander and are also still going strong, I depend on them everyday.


[azon_profit_poster dw26451]

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