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Home repair help and maintenance should not be an overwhelming thing. We’ve all had to deal with pealing paint, lose doors, rotting wood, leaky roofs and you name it. Many of us have seen bad repair jobs too. Most of this it can be managed on our own and mostly for the financial reason, we do it on our own to save money, mainly because we just don’t want to pay someone else to do what we can or think we can do.

It is perfectly normal to think like this as we all want to save money and sometimes we just prefer to do things ourselves. The most important part of maintaining a home is by practicing preventative maintenance, taking care of  small things before they turn into big things. This is the one area that we should not neglect or it will only cost more in repairs, frustration,and inconvenience.

Unfortunately, most of us, as humans may tend to let it go, or maybe we’re right on top of it,  but everybody is different in the way they do things. Most homeowners want to protect their investment, even those in a rental situation need to have an eye for the small things that can turn into the bigger things and most rental owners will want to know if there are items that need attention to protect their property.

As with a lot of things in life, sometimes we need just certain bit of  information,  and we can move forward and say, “yeah!, I can do that”. Sometimes it is just a friend or family member that has more experience, that says  “Sure, no sweat, we can do this” and you’re on your way to learning more about something and saving money at the same time. Thankfully, we have so much at our finger tips, especially in the home improvement business.

The big home centers with just about everything one would need at good prices make this much less intimidating than it used to be. Materials and great specialty tools that used to be only available to professionals are now available to all.

The big question now is, how big a project do I want to take on? Well, time and money are the 2 biggest factors along with, how big is the project? A tool shed in the backyard, repair drywall, caulking windows? probably doable, but a room addition to the house, get a builder.

The focus on this site will be for the smaller stuff around the house, the things YOU can do to save money, keep the house together, and keep the family happy.